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"To greatly improve the quality of people’s lives by making the products they use every day perform better through the application of Nano technologies."

Our Mission

LIQUIDNANO™ was set up specifically to capitalise on recent advances in Nano technology and Liquid Glass. The main constituent of Liquid Glass is Silica Dioxide (Si02) which is primarily comprised of tiny particles of glass which come from pure quartz sand.

Silica Dioxide had been used as a flow agent for decades in everything from beer to toothpaste. Through advances in several manufacturing technologies the glass particle sizes have now been reduced to the Nano-scale (10-9) where the laws of quantum mechanics come into play giving rise to new properties and applications.

The LIQUIDNANO™ coating technology enables a user to deposit a Nano scale layer of molecular, particle free glass, onto any glass surface. Like ordinary glass the coating is chemically inert, it is completely safe to apply and Eco friendly.

These coatings have the potential to change how people engage with every day products. LIQUIDNANO™ is today bringing this disruptive technology to the mass market in the form of DIY coatings and in so doing is improving product performance such that;

  • Mobile device screens don’t break as easily because they are much more resistant to shatter & scratch.
  • Driver visibility improves because vehicle windshields become hydrophobic and repel rain.
  • Parents are happier because school uniforms become stain proof.
  • Healthcare is safer as disinfected surfaces remain protected for weeks rather than hours.

Today virtually no one at the consumer level has heard of Liquid Glass or its amazing properties. Our mission is to change that and over the next 3-5 years and firmly establish in the hearts and minds of consumers that this technology is both highly desirable and very necessary.


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